We you need one, you need it yesterday. We understand that can happen, and we are going to try to be there for you when you need us.

These are short or long block engines or cylinder heads built and are ready for immediate packaging and shipment. We can typically get it out the door the same or following day. Crating up the engine and obtaining the best shipping price for you isn't as quick ass throwing a UPS label on a box but we are pretty good at it.

These are sold "as-built". We are putting together these items in varying levels of build. Some will be close to bone stock and some may have some of our upgrades added.

We will post the items below as they become available and remove them when sold. Something you see today could be gone tomorrow, or something we don't list today could be available tomorrow.

As popularity grows with these items, so will the inventory and our focus on this area of "Ready-To-Ship" supply.


Please order Long and Short blocks over the telephone or through email exchange rather then checking out through the web site shopping cart. We will ship these by truck, and the actual shipping will be different from what the web site will calculate.

You can order cylinder heads through the web site.

Core Charges

Core Charges will vary on the different items. That charge will be listed in the General and More Detail tabs of the individual items.

Since we bore all engine and install new pistons, we take this into consideration and assume your cylinders will be worn, scratched or scuffed. However we will not accept a block that is cracked! So a adjustment would have to be made for that. It doesn't mean the core is not acceptable, just that the block portion won't be.

On a engine with a spun rod bearing, you could have crankshaft and/or connecting rod damage. Same applies here. We may have to make a core refund adjustment depending on what we see there.

On 944 Turbo cylinder heads, the porcelain in the exhaust port on the head is the typical concern point. If it's chipping, the head is no use to us and a adjustment would be made. Since long blocks are traded with the headers on them, we suggest you inspect your exhaust port for cracks before shipping to us to you know what to expect. Call us if you don't know what you're looking for or how to best look for the problem.