SHORT SHIFT LEVER 924S / 944 ALL / 968

Lindsey Racing Billet Short Shift Lever for Porsche 944 and 968 series cars.


  • Billet Aluminum 6061-T6 Main Housing CNC Machined
  • Adjustable Top Knob Shaft with 3 stack-able Height Spacers
  • Adjustable Throw Threaded Pivot Ball
  • Threaded Pivot Base Allen Screw for locking into place
  • Cushioned Clevis for less vibration noise
  • Black Anodized Finish
This lever has a round upper shaft for aftermarket shift knobs such as MOMO and other brands.

Fits Models:

  • 924 '76-'85
  • 924S
  • 944
  • 944S
  • 944T
  • 944S2
  • 968
The top shaft on the lever where the shift knob attaches is height adjustable. The lever comes with 3 separate 1/2" spacers which can be added or removed at any time to dial in the perfect height and feel for you. This gives you additional throw adjustment beyond the threaded ball pivot at the base of the shifter. Where you used to have to cut the lever down, now you can just remove 1 or up to 3 spacers. And put them back if you change you mind!

The Stainless Steel Threaded Ball Pivot has flats machined on both sides which work in harmony with the Allen Set Screw that locks the Pivot in place once you have your throw dialed in. This keeps the lever from coming out of adjustment because of vibration or hard use.

We also cushion the Stainless Steel Linkage Clevis Pin with o-rings to minimize the rattle normally associated with similar style levers.