If you're breaking axles, then you're going to enjoy reading this.

We have known for a few years that there just wasn't an axle available for the 944 series car that takes the HP and Torque our customers are developing today. The GKN Motorsports axles we offered a few years back have not been available, nothing has replaced them, for way to long. Until now!

These axles were produced for the most demanding racers. Whether they are track guys or big HP, big torque street cars.

They were created starting with custom internals. For starters, they utilize 4340 billet chromoly cages but that's just the start. The cage was redesigned to have a more oval opening and not the rectangular style like a factory ones which is the main failure point on the factory axles. Just changing from a rectangular to oval shape there increases the strength of the axle about 60% without even considering the upgrade in material that these are made from over stock units.

Then on to the 4340 Billet Chromoly Inner Races. Another big thing about the race is that they have had the splines punched out from a standard 25 spline to a 28 spline. But not just 3 more splines. It's a larger diameter set of 28 splines which means the teeth or gears on the spline are larger and stronger for that reason as well. Not just the 4030 material used.

The center bar (or axle) is made from 4340 Chromoly and has rolled splines and no stress risers to the inside of the driven part to ensure torsional strength.

Top it off with NEO Synthetic HCCP1 grease and high speed vented boots. All this makes this one of the strongest axles on the market today...

Where do you get them? Where else... Lindsey Racing.

Left is stock bearing cage. Right is our bearing cage.


  • Billet 4340 Chromoly Cages w/Oval Holes
  • Billet 4340 Chromoly Inner Races with large 28 spline pattern
  • Rolled 4340 Chromoly 28 Spline Bars (axles)
  • Genuine GKN Custom Outer Races
  • NEO HCCP1 Synthetic Grease for Long Life
  • High Speed Vented Boots for Heat De-Flexion
  • Full 1 Year Warranty