ENGINE REBUILD KIT 924S, & 944 '83-'89 (8v), 944S (16v)

One challenge to rebuilding the 924S, 944, or 944S engine is knowing what parts are required to perform this task. Lindsey Racing's "Engine Rebuild Kits" supply everything you need to do this job thoroughly. They start with all the basic rebuild components. Gaskets, Bearings, Rings, Specialty items and even assembly adhesive and lube.

Building a track motor? We have packed plenty of upgrade options to take your basic rebuild further. Upgraded Head Gaskets, Beefy Connecting Rods, Raceware Studs, Oil Pan Baffle kits and more. Cylinders need boring? We offer oversize and upgraded piston options from Mahle, Wossner and J&E.

We offer complete machine work for your cylinder head, block and crankshaft if needed. Call for information and pricing.


  • Victor Reinz Head Gasket Kit
  • Victor Reinz Short Block Gasket Kit
  • Goetze Piston Rings
  • GLYCO Connecting Rod Bearing Set
  • GLYCO Main Bearing Set
  • Genuine Porsche Bushing Front Balance Shaft
  • Genuine Porsche Balance Shaft Bearings
  • Engine Block Freeze Plugs
  • Genuine Porsche Piston Pin Clips
  • Genuine Porsche Connecting Rod Nuts
  • Loctite 574 Assembly Adhesive
  • Joe-Gibbs Assembly Lubrication.


  • Lindsey Racing or Genuine Porsche Piston Rings
  • Genuine Porsche Connecting Rod Bearings
  • Genuine Porsche Main Bearings


In addition to the parts that come with our packaged Engine Rebuild Kits, there are a few other items that are suggest you replace at the same time while rebuilding your engine if they are old or worn or don't know their history. Since you may or may not have replaced some of these recently, they are not packaged with the kits but listed separately. These items as related to your specific engine are show on the detailed product page that you will see when you click on the product picture, name or product & pricing detail link for your particular engine.
  • Camshaft Bolt (These can easily strip out when removing them.)
  • Water Pump (If in doubt about age or wear, it's easier to change it now.)
  • Roller Belt Kit (If in doubt about age or wear, it's easier to change them now.)
  • Oil Pan Baffle Kit (It's a good oiling system upgrade)
  • Cylinder Head Stud Nuts & Washers (Good to replace to achieve good torque values.)
  • Valve Guides (If going into your head, we suggest new guides as this is a wear item.)