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Home of the world's most powerful full bodied 8 valve 944 Turbo street car. We have everything you need to build one yourself. Want 500 + RWHP? Not a problem. This one was still using our street DME/KLR chip set, KKK style turbo and stock headers and cross over pipe, stock bottom end and only 23 psi of boost. We have a complement of bigger turbos, Race Chips or EMS systems, healthier cams, 4 into 1 headers and more. How far do you want to go?

Lindsey Racing is easily the largest performance parts supplier for your 944 Turbo on the planet. We produce over 150 performance parts bearing our name and carry hundreds more. If we don't have it, or cannot get it, you don't need it!

We stock plenty of our own "Lindsey Racing" products and try to make them available for same day shipping. We also stock an ever growing supply of items such as bearings, piston rings, connecting rods, fuel pumps, spark plugs, ignition wires, filters, gaskets, regulators, relays and more.

We also carry many items for your 944 or 968 model. Want to turbo your 968 without spending a fortune? We can help.

We have in place a system to get for you anything you need, fast!