Lindsey Racing will be closed Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th to celebrate Independence Day with our families and friends. We will be back open on Wednesday July 5th. We wish everybody a happy and safe Independence Day.

Things have been blossoming around here including the flowers out front under our sign. We are working hard on several new R&D projects, building engines as fast as we can, building wheels like crazy, and making constant improvements in our facility as well as our web site. You have probably noticed slight changes in the way the web site looks. That will continue over the next few weeks.

You probably also noticed that things have changed here with the newsletter and how you view it. We feel this was a needed change for a number of reasons but mainly because only about 65% of our newsletters sent out are viewed. We believe they are getting caught in spam catchers or other mail strippers. Or... perhaps they were just too boring to read without pictures and more pictures. So now you will simply get a Horsepower Talk news letter alert. This will then link you to the web site where you can view not only the current new letter, but archived letters as well.

This frees us up to add plenty of graphics and links without any limitations or chances of things not getting shared with you, our customers. We will also be adding more than just the announcements of things happening here, and sale items, but discussing certain tips and secrets we wish to share with our customers.

Once the next issue is released, the web page that got you here will expire and the new web page location (URL) will once again be linked through our news letter alert you receive by e-mail. You will not be able to access the news letter or archives through the main web site menus. You must be a subscriber to participate and get the new location each month.


For the Month of July, we will be offering the following specials. These are for our retail customers only. Other discounts and programs do not apply.

Lindsey Racing Fuel Rail Kits are 10% off regular price. These very popular kits are the ultimate fuel rail system for the 951 and 944 8v engines. Functional and easy on the eyes at the same time. We just finished another 30 kits so we decided to kick that off with a sale.

Lindsey Racing A/C Delete Brackets are 15% off regular price. Available in Blue, Red, Plain and Fully Polished.

All Lindsey Racing Super Series Turbos are 10% off regular price. The best built, most reliable turbos for the 951 are even more desirable on sale. Whether 300 or 500+ RWHP is your goal we have the turbo for you. Call us to discuss your turbo needs to make the right selection.

Lindsey Racing 4" Ceramic Coated Exhausts. Our popular 4" exhaust is offered this month with the Ceramic Coating option for $75 versus the normal price of $150.00.

Our Lindsey Racing Hard Pipes are on sale for 10% off. Tired of blowing off the factory intercooler pipes? Maybe it's time to upgrade with a set of new pipes guaranteed to stay in place. We also now have powder coated Black pipes in stock to look similar to the factory pipes if you're going for stealthy.


In order to be featured as car of the month, you must be on our Customer Car Pages. Please submit pictures and information to Dave Lindsey.

This 1988 Turbo S race car is owned and piloted by the Lithuanian Porsche Club. We commend them on their group effort.

At first the car was prepared as club sport car, later Lithuanian Porsche club “PORKER” discovered that this car is very competitive in professional racing in Lithuania as well. So we created Porsche club racing team with a few enthusiastic people, collected the budget and on 2005 we took part in first professional racing event in Lithuania – called “Horn Grand Prix 1003 km”. It is endurance racing for 1003 km or maximum 10 hours non stop race. It is the biggest racing event in Baltic States.

For a bunch more information and additional pictures of this car, click here.


You have probably noticed our Thermal Hard Pipes on our sister site. One thing you may not have figured out until now is that our intention is not only use them as a supplemental cooler, but to replace the air-to-air intercooler completely. Here you see one of our designs which will likely be available for the 944 Turbo in the near future. It utilized both a 13" (custom length) and a 10" THP. All bends before and after the THPs are huge 2.75" diameter pipes and hoses insuring maximum possible air flow with the least amount of restriction.

The design you see below is being shown to you, our news letter readers, first. Nobody outside of our own employees has seen this. One of the benefits of being a subscriber. You can see it first!

There are a few problems and limitations with the factory style intercooler on the 951. The factory intercooler when flow tested measured approximately 205 CFM at 28" of water. Our Stage 1 and 2 flow 250 and 260 respectively. Our Stage 5, our largest, flows 280 CFM. All of these have a pressure drop across the core of about 2 psi. This means if you're making 15 psi of boost after the intercooler, you're making 17 before. In this example, you're losing 12% of what's being produced. Anybody who has installed one of our Stage 1 to 5 intercoolers knows how it changes the linear feel of the throttle by the decreased restriction and the results are the turbo builds boost quicker and at a more even rate.

This new system has almost no pressure drop, and has an estimated CFM rating of around 500 CFM. Our individual THPs by themselves flow that much. You lose air flow around bends (inlet and outlet plumbing). We have doubled the flow of the system by simply adding another in parallel. In addition, the air flows through the tubes at half the speed making them even more effective at removing heat since the air is in there twice as long. Last year our testing on a single 12" tube between the turbo and intercooler reduced the temperature by almost 100 degrees using tap water (68 degrees). We will be flow testing next week and will know for sure the CFM rating of this design. Imagine what 32 degree ice water can do for that street machine or drag car.

If you're trying to run 15 psi of boost, and can work the turbo less (2 psi in this example) the intake temperature will drop from that fact alone. The standard intercooler core designs are required to remove the extra heat from that 2 psi restriction. This system will not have to since it doesn't exist. In addition, if the turbo has less restriction on the cold side on the way to the cylinders (less pressure drop/restriction) then the turbo doesn't have to work as hard and the exhaust pressure on the turbine (hot side) will be lowered. Our research has shown this translates into a quicker reving engine. Exhaust pressure is key to achieving big HP and Torque numbers. Exhaust pressure is usually caused by small hot housings and turbines. The downside is initial turbo lag. But once in boost, the gain exceeds the initial loss with a turbo that has long legs (pulls and pulls) and the engine is able to breath and rev quicker. This intercooler design should allow that bigger turbo to breath and at the same time give you the quick boost of a smaller turbo that normally runs out of legs.

Our testing has already proven the THP does an excellent job of removing heat from the intake charge. Combine all of these benefits and we feel it may make obsolete anything on the market, including our own. Cost should be the only deciding factor in choosing which intercooler to go with. We should have more information to share in the next issue.

After the 951 kit is complete we will be attempting the 930.


Our final thoughts are that we're looking for your thoughts. Do you like the new look of the news letter? The changes on the website? Do you like what we have done with the viewing and archiving of the new letter? Are we providing some useful information that you can utilize? We're interested in your comments if you wish to share them. Send comments to Dave Lindsey.

Until next month, we wish you many safe and quick laps.

The Lindsey Racing Crew.