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Double Adjustable Damper

Fine tuning technology 

The double-adjustable shock allows external adjustment of both rebound and compression. In addition to the same precise and accurate rebound adjustment mechanism in the single-adjustable, the double-adjustable shock has a remote reservoir with the compression adjuster and gas volume. This reservoir is connected to the shock with a Teflon-lined high-pressure hose and uses a 22mm piston rod. The double-adjustable allows you to refine the handling of your car by adjusting both the rebound on the shock rod and the compression blow-off valve in the remote reservoir.



  • Precise rebound control mechanism
  • Gas pressure adjustment becomes an effective tuning tool
  • Unique compression adjustment mechanism
  • Ride-height adjustable
  • Large 22mm piston rod
  • Double non-preloaded valve stack

 Check out the dyno results of the High speed compression adjustment and 

rebound adjustment of the Double Adjustable Damper


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