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The Lindsey Racing 300 Rear Wheel Horse Power Package is a another simple bolt on package that takes your 944 Turbo from a mild mannered stock machine to over a 50% increase in RWHP. All that power with something you can installed in a few hours!

944 Turbo 300 Rear Wheel Horse Power Kit includes:

This package was originally developed for the 1988 and later 944 Turbo "S" models with the K26/8 turbo. So our HP and Torque numbers and dyno charts are from this this model of car. The same kit on the '86-'88 standard 944 Turbo models with a K26/6 turbocharger will make less power simply because of the difference in turbocharger size. We estimate 5-10% less. If you have a K26/8 Turbocharger installed on the '86 through '88 944 Turbo, then you can expect the same numbers as the Turbo S and that we are showing here.

The package makes 305.2 RWHP and an incredible 345.4 Ft. Lbs. of torque at 16 psi of boost with 93/94 octane pump gasoline. (See Chart Below)

The components in this package have been designed to work in conjunction with each other on the track or as a completely streetable daily driveable.


Want to take your 300 RWHP package to the next level? This Kit utilizes our QUAD-M Mass Air Flow (MAF) Meter Kit with "Four" hot wire elements. This MAF Kit is a state of the art digital MAF meter with no equal.

More HP & Torque combined with a quicker spooling turbo means extracting even more heart racing performance from your 944 Turbo without spending a fortune.

When going to this MAF Kit, we have a special DME chip we produce specifically for this MAF Kit used as a upgrade to your 300 RWHP Kit and using the stock injectors and these other known components. No external piggy back fuel controller is required.

Upgrade Pack Includes:

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We require you to return your old wastegate to us for processing with this kit. We have a core charge that is refunded when we receive your old unit providing it's complete and a rebuild-able candidate. A charge may be accessed for broken studs and/or missing parts. You may choose to send us your wastegate in advance for a "no core charge" exchange.