A lot has happened since our last newsletter.

1) Our web page has been completely redesigned with a whole new look and shortly will be complete with a secure online shopping cart. We are proud to announce we are now a stocking distributor for Kokeln Racing Products, one of only two authorized for this.

Visit the web page for a listing of their products and pricing.

2) We also took our racecar to the dyno shop with a new Kokeln stage 5 turbo.

Please visit our web sight to see the dyno charts for both a 310 rear wheel HP (15 pounds of boost) and a 370 rear wheel HP (18 pounds of boost). That run developed peak torque of 385 foot pounds with an impressive torque range of over 350 foot pounds from 4000 to 5000 rpm and the HP pulls strong all the way to red-line.

The modifications to this 2.5 liter engine are as follows;

Lindsey Racing Stage II Intercooler, Kokeln Stage V turbocharger (standard bearing), custom Lindsey Racing exhaust system, Lindsey Racing Wastegate, "Afterburner" Two Stage boost controller, Web Cam regrind, wide-fire headgasket, 8.5 MM plug wires, 55 pound injectors, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, custom 2.25" intake tubing, Lindsey Racing Mass Air Flow prototype, Autothority chips.

Keep in mind this engine is internally stock with the exception of the custom ground camshaft. Stock crank, rods, pistons (they are ceramic coated) and most of all a stock head.

We also made a dyno run where we used the Afterburner during the run. visit the web sight to see the HP jump it produced.

3) We are currently working with a local porting shop.

We ran flow bench tests on a stock, our Stage I and Stage II Intercoolers. We have also flowed a stock throttle body, as well as other misc. engine components. We feel we have found another area of possible significant horsepower increase, but are waiting for a return to the dyno with a top secret prototype unit before we make any further announcement. This will be another Lindsey one of a kind designs.

4) Mass Air Flow:

Our initial run of Mass Air Flow units is almost finished. The Hot Wire bullet and our MAC II controllers are completed and in our possession. We are still waiting on a few of the miscellaneous components to complete the kits. If everything comes together as planned, although already late, we should be offering them the week of June 17th. We have several ordered already, so if you are wanting to make sure you get one of the first batch, I would contact us and commit to one right away.

As stated previously, Lindsey Racing's MAF will have remote fuel adjustability for both idle mixture and high load conditions. It will deliver maximum airflow and will work with your existing software. Ours will also prove to be a simple installation and can be installed in a couple of hours.

A very unique feature about our MAF is that it contains an VAT inlet air temp sensor along with the hot wire sensor. The air temp sensor in the factory vane air meter is key to the start up and warm up stages of the engine. Knowing the inlet air temperature, the computer adjusts fuel mixture and timing for correct engine performance in all conditions as well. The factory put one in the inlet airstream for good reason and so did we!

Only Lindsey Racing's MAF kit provides you this accuracy, plus the ability to fine-tune your air-fuel mixture via our MAC II (Mass Air Controller).

Some company's MAF systems program nominal default values for the temp settings into their software, but the engine only runs correctly when the engine is at this operating temperature, not necessarily during start-up and warm-up. Others tap into the engine's water temp sensor, this temperature value too does not give the computer the correct signal plus this method is also not as responsive as with inlet air temperature sensing. As the engine's water temperature fluctuates, so does your mixture and timing.

Initially we will be offering our MAF in two different configurations:

Stage I: Will be installed in the stock air inlet hose similar to the stock airflow meter. The stage I kit will come with a conical air filter, all mounting hardware and clamps, and best of all; it will include our Injector/Air Flow Meter.

Stage II: Will be installed on a power tube that goes between the MAF and the Turbo which adds additional HP gains. The stage II kit will also come with a conical air filter, all mounting hardware and clamps, and will include our Injector/Air Flow Meter.

Stage III: Will be developed and offered as soon as time permits. It will be for headlights removed only race applications. Both Stage I and II systems can be upgraded to this. We have plans to release a system for the 911 and 944S2 this summer.

Now available: 944T/951 Wastegate:

Lindsey Racing has reconfigured the stock wastegate from a single port unit to a dual port unit by replacing the factory stamped steel pressure pot with a billet aluminum component designed to mount on the factory cast steel exhaust housing which is cleaned and rebuilt. This dual port configuration of our wastegate allows you to adjust the pressure under the diaphragm to increase it's effective spring rate and therefore control this boost drop off. You MUST have a dual port design in order to accomplish this!

Installing other manual boost controllers on the stock wastegate, as some of you have already done, only restricts the pressure going to the wastegate to achieve the higher boost level. This does not alter the spring rate of the stock wastegate or improve it's ability to overcome the drop in boost pressure all drivers' experience.

Now Available: The Afterburner:

Dual level boost control at the push of a button. The Afterburner used in conjunction with our wastegate gives a driver the ability to adjust the boost as low as 7 pounds and as high as 23. Installation of the Afterburner is fairly simple and takes about three hours with simple hand tools. We are currently offering a summer special. With the purchase of the Afterburner, we are throwing in the Horn Switching Kit and your choice of either the 951 Gauge Regulator Panel or Universal Regulator Mount for non 911 Turbo owners.

Be sure to stop by the new site and check out the new Lindsey Racing Logo.

Stickers and Decals will soon be shipped with each and every order. We will also soon be offering embroidered caps and patches.

Mike and Dave